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Are you considering a career in the healthcare field? With healthcare being one of the fastest-growing career fields in the country, many people are looking to further their education and start their career towards helping others. If you are looking for nursing programs in San Antonio, consider IOAH Vocational Nursing program.

Our conveniently located campus offers Vocational Nursing (VN) program in the medical center area where students have the opportunity to learn the clinical and lab skills necessary to become a successful Licensed Vocational Nurse. The VN training courses offered at The Institute of Allied Healthcare are taught by our experienced instructors who come from diverse backgrounds within the medical field. 

A&P-0100             General Anatomy & Physiology            


MT-0200                Medical Terminology for Health Professions                                

VN-1000                Vocational Nursing Concepts                                 


VN-1100                Basic Nursing Skills Lab                                   


VN-1200                Clinical Vocational Nursing I                                             

VN-2000                Medical Surgical Nursing I (Adult)  


VN-2100                 Mental Health   


VN-2200                 Pharmacology I  


VN-2300                 Pediatrics

VN-2400                 Clinical Vocational Nursing II (Geriatric/Psych)

VN-3000                 Medical Surgical Nursing II

VN-3100                  Pharmacology II

VN-3200                  Maternal Child

VN-3300                  Clinical Vocational Nursing III

VN-4000                  Medical Surgical Nursing III (Complex Diseases)

VN-4100                  Leadership/Professional Nursing III

VN-4200                  Clinical Vocational Nursing IV

The Vocational Nursing Program is fully approved by the Texas Board of Nursing (TBON).

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